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It is no secret that technology plays a vital role in today’s medicine. People’s life span has been significantly increased in part due to the advances in the area of medical equipment. If used appropriately and timely by experienced well-trained clinicians, prevention and treatment results can be stunning. This is the reason why NYUI physicians believe in outfitting the facility with thoroughly researched leading-edge diagnostic and therapeutic equipment.

Advanced Diagnostic Equipment

State of the art ultrasound equipment with Doppler capability and digital image storage.
Spiral CT Scan with digital image storage and advanced software for 3D image reconstruction.
Urodynamics studies are employed for evaluation of pelvic dysfunction and advanced urinary tract symptoms, including urinary incontinence and significant urinary tract dysfunction.

Bone density testing for patients at risk for bone weakness (osteoporosis), this includes post menopausal women, men with low testosterone levels, patients with certain diseases or patients taking certain medications.

Urine and Blood laboratory is available on premises. Critical tests for diagnosis and clinical decision making are performed on site. Urinalysis, urine culture, urine cytology, cancer screening with urine cytology and cellular genetic testing as well as serum endocrinology studies are performed at this advanced laboratory.

Advanced Therapeutic Equipment

Pelvic floor rehabilitation program is available to restore proper pelvic physiology. This improves urinary and fecal incontinence.


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