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Specialty List

Female Urology

Urinary Tract

–          Kidneys
– Paired organs that filter blood and excrete toxins into urine.  Kidneys play a significant role in maintaining normal blood pressure and general well being.  These organs are critical for life.

–          Ureters
– Paired tubular organs that connect the kidney to the bladder.  Many urologic ailments involve the inability for urine to pass down these tubes freely.  The most common cause of these abstractions is kidney stones.

–          Bladder
– Muscular hollow organ that has only two functions: to store urine and to excrete urine.  Many abnormalities in urination occur because of inability of bladder to store or excrete urine properly.  In women, the most common causes of these symptoms are related to trauma during child birth even if it occurred decades before, aging, genetics, smoking and weight gain.  Not all of these factors need to be present for a problem to occur.

–          Urethra
– Tubular organ that leads urine from the bladder out of the body.  This organ is the most common site of sexually transmitted diseases infections.  The female urethra is straight and only 2-4 cm in length.  Urologic problems rarely occur to this organ.

Sexual Health

–          Vaginal Atrophy

–          Labial Enlargement

–          Loss of Lubrication

–          Pelvic Organ Prolapse

–          Hymen Reconstruction


–          Pelvic Exam

–          Irregular/Absent Periods

–          Cervical Cancer Screening (Pap Smears)

–          Breast Cancer Screening

–          Menapausal and Perimenapausal Management

General Health

–          Cardiovascular Screening

–          Endocrine Evaluations

–          Osteoporosis Diagnoses and Management


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